The Thrill that travelling gives…starts months before the trip

Planning for a trip is very different from just going on a group trip during college days. I am used to going on trips all over India with my classmates. That information might be put in future posts. As its already planned trip with full itinerary (but there’s always space for hiccups, nothing can be perfect 😛 )


But this year its gonna be different. Kinda a transition from a student to a grown-up. Taking your family on a trip with your hard earned money, its like a dream come true. Our February 2018 trip to Coorg, Karnataka. Its like my second milestone, [ first being getting my first paycheck 🙂 ] is meticulously planned, with fingers crossed the thrill and excitement has begun since we did the bookings.


Fridge magnet that my bff got for me

Many of my friends have traveled overseas, last year my bff went to Mauritius with her family and got me this super cute magnet as a souvenir 🙂 I love it when I get such things. It makes me feel that all these places are ticked off from my bucket list even though I have not personally been there. The souvenirs makes me think that I have been there. Though its kinda childish way of thinking, I am like that.

If that is the case, I have been to Mauritius, Malaysia, Paris, Belgium, Tirupati, many more such places. Lets hope my list keeps on increasing and my near and dear ones travel all over the globe and make many more memories. Hope you all too, begin your wanderlust and tick all the favorite places off your bucketlists.

My Countdown for Coorg begins. 24 days left….yippieeee!!!

Came across a very cute song… I ‘ll love you like the movies by Anthem lights

Came across a very cute song… I ‘ll love you like the movies by Anthem lights

I ‘ll love you like the movies by Anthem lights….i just love it…

Recommended to me by my guy bestie, he is the most true die romantic person i have ever known, and coz of him i get lots of recommendations of all types of love songs be it sad or happy (his music choice is just awesome, thank god its similar to mine)


Lets talk about the song, just reading the title i sort of expected all soft cheesy lines before listening to the song….but it was more than my expectations…

Especially i like these two parts in the song….where the lyricist depicts the famous romantic movies couples…my fav otps 🙂 and further if a guy himself likes doing all that cheesy stuff from romcoms it would be any girl’s dream come true

Like Noah loved Allie
Like Harry loved Sally
Like Richard loved Julia (“Twice!”)
Like Tom loved Meg
And the way he loved that volleyball (“WILSON!”)
The way Demi Moore loved that ghost. (“Weird.”)
The way Jack loved Rose (“What?”)


I’ll grab your hand, ask you to dance
In the middle of the street
Learn to sign, cheesy lines
Like “Baby, you complete me.”
And in case you forget
Where we’ve been and what we did
I’ll write it all down, read it out loud
Again and again.
I promise if you let me
I’ll love you like the movies.

3 days and Before Sunsrise, Before Sunset n Before Midnight…Just Loved It


Actually i am on hollywood rom com spree… Its perfect weather for it. In last two days…i saw… wen harry met sally….about a boy…rewrite….the big wedding…Check out these romcoms


Harry met sally – Its so super awesome!! Its lovely..Such a gem a classic…They say na certain romcoms are something which u cant forget..They stay wid you waisa wala classic.

Before sunrise, Before sunset, Before midnight –

Now about the trilogy on which this review is about. Its really different. I recommend that one should watch hese three movies one after another in continous three days. So that the movie sets in properly. I just love this trilogy.I felt it was a Classic.Sooooo deeeeep.The storyy😍😍😍. Breathtakingly beautiful. Also the backdrop of first part where its been shot in Vienna…Everything is so beautiful. How come i didn’t know of it all these yearsss!superrrrb !!

Interesting fact – These three movies were shot after every 10 years simultaneously.

It think its not a romcom…Dats why i guess…i couldnt get to know about it.Its lil serious type of love story…hope u love my reviews. I love spreading all the great movies wid u all…many more reviews to come.

Love and other drugs (Review)


              Dont go by its title…its doesnt have any drug addict plot…which i thought might be the story which is why i delayed watching it from few years…i have seen these movie’s gifs on tumblr…so i basic idea that it has some awesome romantic scenes between the leads.


     Every unpredictable story…and awesome touching scenes that made me weep like a baby…which only few movies can do to me. Every versatile role for both the main leads…haven’t seen them so into the character and their characters are very relatable…which grasps the audience throughtout the movie. Learned about the disease of Parkinson’s through this movie and their struggles.


Best romantic movie i watched in recent times…9.9/10

My Love, My Bride…..Review by Two Korean rom-com fans

My Love, My Bride…Korean movie…Its romantic comedy…Watch it…. It’s really great I have been giving reccomendations to my childhood friend of korean dramas and movies…and this time it was this romantic comedy for which iwas waiting since its shooting commenced as the name it self is so romantic…i was eagerly waiting for its release and it was just above my expectations. Here is a extract from our convos about this movie,

Me:See it… its short n nice….Very different style.

Friend: SO AMAZING.I am speechless.

Me:I too was spellbound…How can they make such universal movie?

Friend: That is what!… It was so beautiful naa…One of the best i have watched till date Me: Me too…. It jus touches our hearts… D characters r common people

Friend: Exactly ….Don’t u think the execution direction was so beautiful too

Me: Everything is awesome… Photography… Story… It’s so unpredictable

Friend: yes, how can everything be so perfect in it?…. there was not even one thing that we could wish was different in the plot….or This or that cud have been better…it was perfect Me: Hehe thats wat…. I didn’t think while watching the movie the things she remembered her first love did but in reality It was her husband who did all that things…We wer as shocked as she was

Friend: yes…So shocked…Same here… I wanna watch it again…me going for the second round 🙂

Steal My Heart / Catch Me…Korean Movie Review

This romantic comedy released on December 18, 2013, stars korean actor Joo Won and actress Kim Ah-joong.

This film literally stole my heart, as everything in this movie was perfectly scripted and also carried out very nicely by the talented cast of this film. there was nothing going as one may predict and the script kept on changing in whole movie and keeping the audience shocked by such a high level of comic timings even in serious situations in the plot.

At first i had a impression that this film would just be similar to other korean flims of the similar tracks, but it really surprised me by the unique storyline.

This is the worst couple tshirt i have ever seen but they both look so cute in it. The expensive toys behind them have great comic role in the plot. Also the cameos in this movie are superb, especially actor Cha TaeHyun playing Joowon’s neighbour with serious ocd hehehe…

The little things that made this movie very special to me are, the first love angle in the plot, Kim Ah-joong’s habit of lying about her home, Joowon’s singing, Kim Ah-joong’s way of cooking i.e throwing pasta on wall to see if its cooked, their 100th day anniversary day, Kim Ah-joong’s driving skills are a must watch 😛





This soft hearted sign loves funny movies about animals, so any movies to do with horses, dogs, or forest creatures warm their hearts. Good choices are “White Tuft: The Little Beaver” and “National Velvet” starring Elizabeth Taylor. They also enjoy cartoons that feature wildlife, such as “Finding Nemo” and “Ratatouille.”

The sentimental sign of the scales also enjoys a good chick flick. Movies like “My Best Friend’s Wedding” starring Julia Roberts or “Clue less” 1995 American comedy film loosely based on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma or “Muriel’s Wedding” appeal to this good hearted sign. This sign also enjoys fantasy films to do with mythology. A film like “Legend” (starring Tom Cruise) helps this sign be taken to another place.

They like vintage comedy, so consider getting them videos of old films by Charles Chaplin or Abbot and Costello. They also like modern comedies by humorous geniuses like Mike Meyers and Jim Carey. Any of the Mike Meyers Austin Powers movies make good gifts.

Leos like are secretly sentimental, so they like a movie that is good tearjerker. They would enjoy a vintage sentimental film like “Love Story” (starring Ryan O’Neal) or “Terms of Endearment” starring Shirley Maclean.

This charismatic signs’ own love stories are frequently star crossed. Leos might believe fate has not dealt them a particularly good hand when it comes to romance. See them slobbering over their choice when it comes to the tragic “Splendor in the Grass” starring star crossed lovers Natalie Wood as Deenie, and a young Warren Beatty, as Bud. The adoration of Bud and his Deenie is a Romeo and Juliette type theme. A prototype tragedy therefore. Ten out of heartbreaking ten for this passionate, archetypal Leo movie.

“It’s Wonderful Life” starring James Steward makes a great Christmas gift for a Leo. They also love to laugh and love.

They also like the original James Bond thrillers, especially those that starred Sean Connery. Many Leos also like Clint Eastwood. “Gran Torino” is an Eastwood vehicle that has the type of moral backbone to the story that a Lion would really like.