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Sooyoung 24th Birthday Banner 2013

Choi Sooyoung, one of the biggest shikshins in the crew of 9 is going to be 24 years old very soon, yay~ (Korean Age. 23 for USA’s). Like the usual tradition, what do we do to show our best wishes toward the soshi’s birthday? Well, happy birthday Sooyoung! Put your hands up if you like this~

Give our shikshin presents, wishes, love & not to forget a birthday cake and food okay? ^^ Give a shout out if you loves Sooyoung 😀

What will SNSD do without this funny and adorable fellow? Think about it guys, without Sooyoung, there would be no one to eat all the food, even left overs! Without Sooyoung, SNSD’s legs wouldn’t be the same. Without Sooyoung, imitations would be not as funny. Without Sooyoung, the world would be less entertaining! Without SOOYOUNG, you fill the rest…

“Some may misunderstand me because they…

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Nothing would get our Gemini’s more “moved to the core” than a movie full of intellectual /emotional complexity.

 The past and present love story of “Possession” stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart. Seeking to understand a star crossed 18th century love affair would have most Gemini’s forgetting to munch their ice-cream cone! Nine out of an airy ten!

 This is an intense sign that enjoys complex psychological dramas.  Any movie by Spike Jonze makes a good gift for this sign. A movie like Roman Polanski’s “The Tenant” or “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”  keeps a Gemini entranced.

 The Gemini psyche is also a little bit kinky.They would enjoy offbeat erotic cinema.  A movie like “Secretary” starring James Spader or “Nine and Half Weeks” starring Kim Basinger are examples of vintage erotica that this sign would really enjoy.

 The Gemini also loves a great comedy or satire. Any movie with Sacha Baron Cohen, Will Ferrell, or Tina Fey in it would really make a Gemini Life. The comedy “Blades of Glory” that stars all three of these talents is a great choice of a comedy for a Gemini.



When it comes to romantic movies, earthy Taurus digs something comfortable and food orientated.

What could be more conducive than “Chocolat” starring Juliette Binoche? Watching the gorgeous actress stirring those pots full of the “dark stuff”, would send your average Taurus into a state of altered consciousness. Most Taureans believe life’s struggles could be fairly well sorted with a great box of chocolates. This is the mother of all “delicious” romantic movies, so ten out of ten for “Chocolat” and those bullish taste buds!

The Bull loves films that have a lot of violence in them. Giving the Bull the “Kill Bill” trilogy starring Uma Thurman is a good idea.  The “Saw” series of horror movies also appeals to this sign. 

Taurus people are also family oriented so they really enjoy children’s films as well.  Good choices including “Finding Nemo” starring Ellen Degeneres or “Bee Movie” starring Jerry Seinfeld.

Taurus natives also enjoy really old style black and white comedies.  Any vintage video of Buster Keaton or Charles Chaplin is bound to please.




The Ram is a definite fan of anything that features athletic competition or has action adventure scenes in it.Any James Bond movie appeals to this sign, especially the Bond movies that star Pierce Brosnan. There is nothing Aries likes better than a classic romantic movie. Indeed, they will be glued to the screen as the old fashioned heroine/hero gets one over the bad guy A hot romance and a few battle scenes will even have the Aries forgetting to neck the date.

“Gone with the Wind”,Starring Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara is just the job! Seeing  Scarlett learning the same hard lessons over and over again, is an Aries life theme, and it is inspiring. Our passionate Aries, like Scarlett, is always ready to pick themselves up from the ashes, and start over.Ten out of ten for the famous “Tomorrow is another day!” line as it could be an Aries theme song!

If you want to get them a classic action adventure movie, then “Die Hard with a Vengeance” starring Bruce Willis might be a good choice. “Cliffhanger” with Sylvester Stallone is a good mountain climbing type thriller that would appeal to the Ram.

Romantic comedies, especially ones with a sharp, witty edge, also appeal to this sign, as the Ram is a great student of human nature.

“The Break Up” starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn is the perfect witty comedy for this sometimes cynical, yet at the same time sentimental sign.A good comedy for an Aries is “Zoolander,” starring Ben Stiller, simply because they like fashion so much.