When it comes to romantic movies, earthy Taurus digs something comfortable and food orientated.

What could be more conducive than “Chocolat” starring Juliette Binoche? Watching the gorgeous actress stirring those pots full of the “dark stuff”, would send your average Taurus into a state of altered consciousness. Most Taureans believe life’s struggles could be fairly well sorted with a great box of chocolates. This is the mother of all “delicious” romantic movies, so ten out of ten for “Chocolat” and those bullish taste buds!

The Bull loves films that have a lot of violence in them. Giving the Bull the “Kill Bill” trilogy starring Uma Thurman is a good idea.  The “Saw” series of horror movies also appeals to this sign. 

Taurus people are also family oriented so they really enjoy children’s films as well.  Good choices including “Finding Nemo” starring Ellen Degeneres or “Bee Movie” starring Jerry Seinfeld.

Taurus natives also enjoy really old style black and white comedies.  Any vintage video of Buster Keaton or Charles Chaplin is bound to please.



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