Kim Jae Wook discharged from military on 4th april…..


After long wait of 22 months of mandatory military service, Kim Jae Wook is back….but its not announced because he wanted to discharge from military to be as silent as he enlisted…..i got this news from his official site where he wrote a letter to his fans about his return{}…..the letter is in the pic below

Untitled-1 copyhhh

Kim Jae Wook,an model turned actor and member of an indie band WALRUS…..has done many famous korean drama’s like The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince,The Kingdom of The Winds,Bad Guy and Mary Stayed Out All Night ….and an awesome korean movie Antique Bakery.

p.s ohhh Jaeuck sshi……Belated happy Birthday .Welcome back!
All your fans have been waiting for you.
congratulations on your discharge!
looking forward to seeing you soon! Take care……your loving fan hitashree.


4 thoughts on “Kim Jae Wook discharged from military on 4th april…..

  1. thx 4 the article. i had been curious as to when he would return..rly looking forward 2 his upcoming projects. i hope it’ll be him a lead in great movies n dramas.cheers, jaewook-oppa

    • u r most welcome….actually i was also not sure about when he would return….and there has been no articles of his return…so i wanted all his fans to know about his return…..and yes,lets all hope that your wish comes true n he gets the lead role and gets the girl in end……

    • u r most welcome….it was the same with me i was also calculating….and then i thought his service would finish in april but there were no reports of his discharge……so i searched all sites then got to know about it….

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