3 days and Before Sunsrise, Before Sunset n Before Midnight…Just Loved It


Actually i am on hollywood rom com spree… Its perfect weather for it. In last two days…i saw… wen harry met sally….about a boy…rewrite….the big wedding…Check out these romcoms


Harry met sally – Its so super awesome!! Its lovely..Such a gem ..like a classic…They say na certain romcoms are something which u cant forget..They stay wid you waisa wala classic.

Before sunrise, Before sunset, Before midnight –

Now about the trilogy on which this review is about. Its really different. I recommend that one should watch hese three movies one after another in continous three days. So that the movie sets in properly. I just love this trilogy.I felt it was a Classic.Sooooo deeeeep.The storyy😍😍😍. Breathtakingly beautiful. Also the backdrop of first part where its been shot in Vienna…Everything is so beautiful. How come i didn’t know of it all these yearsss!superrrrb !!

Interesting fact – These three movies were shot after every 10 years simultaneously.

It think its not a romcom…Dats why i guess…i couldnt get to know about it.Its lil serious type of love story…hope u love my reviews. I love spreading all the great movies wid u all…many more reviews to come.


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