Came across a very cute song… I ‘ll love you like the movies by Anthem lights

I ‘ll love you like the movies by Anthem lights….i just love it…

Recommended to me by my guy bestie, he is the most true die romantic person i have ever known, and coz of him i get lots of recommendations of all types of love songs be it sad or happy (his music choice is just awesome, thank god its similar to mine)


Lets talk about the song, just reading the title i sort of expected all soft cheesy lines before listening to the song….but it was more than my expectations…

Especially i like these two parts in the song….where the lyricist depicts the famous romantic movies couples…my fav otps 🙂 and further if a guy himself likes doing all that cheesy stuff from romcoms it would be any girl’s dream come true

Like Noah loved Allie
Like Harry loved Sally
Like Richard loved Julia (“Twice!”)
Like Tom loved Meg
And the way he loved that volleyball (“WILSON!”)
The way Demi Moore loved that ghost. (“Weird.”)
The way Jack loved Rose (“What?”)


I’ll grab your hand, ask you to dance
In the middle of the street
Learn to sign, cheesy lines
Like “Baby, you complete me.”
And in case you forget
Where we’ve been and what we did
I’ll write it all down, read it out loud
Again and again.
I promise if you let me
I’ll love you like the movies.


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