The Thrill that travelling gives…starts months before the trip

Planning for a trip is very different from just going on a group trip during college days. I am used to going on trips all over India with my classmates. That information might be put in future posts. As its already planned trip with full itinerary (but there’s always space for hiccups, nothing can be perfect 😛 )


But this year its gonna be different. Kinda a transition from a student to a grown-up. Taking your family on a trip with your hard earned money, its like a dream come true. Our February 2018 trip to Coorg, Karnataka. Its like my second milestone, [ first being getting my first paycheck 🙂 ] is meticulously planned, with fingers crossed the thrill and excitement has begun since we did the bookings.


Fridge magnet that my bff got for me

Many of my friends have traveled overseas, last year my bff went to Mauritius with her family and got me this super cute magnet as a souvenir 🙂 I love it when I get such things. It makes me feel that all these places are ticked off from my bucket list even though I have not personally been there. The souvenirs makes me think that I have been there. Though its kinda childish way of thinking, I am like that.

If that is the case, I have been to Mauritius, Malaysia, Paris, Belgium, Tirupati, many more such places. Lets hope my list keeps on increasing and my near and dear ones travel all over the globe and make many more memories. Hope you all too, begin your wanderlust and tick all the favorite places off your bucketlists.

My Countdown for Coorg begins. 24 days left….yippieeee!!!