3 days and Before Sunsrise, Before Sunset n Before Midnight…Just Loved It


Actually i am on hollywood rom com spree… Its perfect weather for it. In last two days…i saw… wen harry met sally….about a boy…rewrite….the big wedding…Check out these romcoms


Harry met sally – Its so super awesome!! Its lovely..Such a gem ..like a classic…They say na certain romcoms are something which u cant forget..They stay wid you waisa wala classic.

Before sunrise, Before sunset, Before midnight –

Now about the trilogy on which this review is about. Its really different. I recommend that one should watch hese three movies one after another in continous three days. So that the movie sets in properly. I just love this trilogy.I felt it was a Classic.Sooooo deeeeep.The storyy😍😍😍. Breathtakingly beautiful. Also the backdrop of first part where its been shot in Vienna…Everything is so beautiful. How come i didn’t know of it all these yearsss!superrrrb !!

Interesting fact – These three movies were shot after every 10 years simultaneously.

It think its not a romcom…Dats why i guess…i couldnt get to know about it.Its lil serious type of love story…hope u love my reviews. I love spreading all the great movies wid u all…many more reviews to come.


Love and other drugs (Review)


              Dont go by its title…its doesnt have any drug addict plot…which i thought might be the story which is why i delayed watching it from few years…i have seen these movie’s gifs on tumblr…so i basic idea that it has some awesome romantic scenes between the leads.


     Every unpredictable story…and awesome touching scenes that made me weep like a baby…which only few movies can do to me. Every versatile role for both the main leads…haven’t seen them so into the character and their characters are very relatable…which grasps the audience throughtout the movie. Learned about the disease of Parkinson’s through this movie and their struggles.


Best romantic movie i watched in recent times…9.9/10


Hey atlast its my zodiac sign’s turn, CANCER……THE MOVIES that are given below are very appropriate  cause, these movies are my favorites toocancer

Cancers love a love story, especially when it is played to the “light of the silvery moon”, Cancer’s personal planet of course. So what could be more engrossing than “Moon Struck” starring Cher and Nicholas Cage?

To say Cancers are lunatic could be an understatement, certainly the passionate sexy and moody Nick and the sexy mature and moody Cher with accompanying Italo American lunacy, would have the Cancer leaning their head on their date’s shoulder, weeping their hearts out. Ten out of a sentimental ten for this moony epistle!

Even male crabs like the most sentimental of chick flicks. This is because this is a very emotional and feminine sign.  “Mona Lisa Smile” starring Julia Roberts or “Sleepless in Seattle” are good. They might also enjoy “Fried Green Tomatoes” with Kathy Bates and “A League of Their Own” with Drew Barrymore. Historical romance also appeals to them.   A movie like “Julia,” which takes place during World War II and stars Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave would fit the bill. Cancers also love movies that star animals and movies that have a social conscience.